The Republic of Colombia, South America

Map of Colombia
Map of Colombia
The Republic of Colombia or "Colombia" as it is known around the world is a beautiful South American country located in the Northwestern portion of South America. The country has the Caribben Sea on the North Side and the Pacific Ocean on the West.

Larger than Spain in size and more diverse as well, Colombia has a population of approximately 46 million people and is the third largest Spanish speaking country in the world. The population consists of descendants of many different world cultures including native settlers, African slaves, and European, and Middle Eastern immigrants. This combination of cultures bring forth a very ethnically diverse culture and some very exotic and beautiful people. Colombia is the second oldest uninterrupted constitutional democracy in the world, after the United States, and is Latin America's oldest and most stable democracy.

When people first think about Colombia, some negative stereotypes might come to mind. Colombia has had a bit of a shaky past but any traveler can rest assured that the Country is now safe for all foreigners. As a tourist destination, Colombia truly has it all. Beautiful beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean sided, lush tropical landscapes including rainforests and snow-capped mountains, numerous festivals and parties, ecological fascinations, national parks, jungle hikes amazon safaris, unique colonias cities, archaeological ruins, scuba diving, golf, surfing, nightlife, incredible shopping, and a unique and friendly culture.

These are just a few things about Colombia that make it such an amazing tourist destination. The combination of activities make it the perfect destination for a romantic lovers getaway, a tropical beach vacation, or a fun, party-filled journey.

The cuisine is hearty and delicious, centered around fish, meats, corn, and cheeses, and accompanied by rare and exotic fruits. Everywhere you go in Colombia has its own unique style of cooking and it's a wonderful experience to sample the cuisine of different regions throughout your journey.

Traveling to Colombia is easy. Flights are inexpensive from the states and only take about 2 1/2 hours in travel time. People are generally friendly and there are accomodations available for all price ranges and tastes. The capital city, Bogota, boasts some of the best shopping, golf, resorts, and nightlife/restaurants in South America and surrounding cities are close behind, each with their own local flair.

Although it has recently had a shaky past, filled with civil conflict and crime, nowadays, Colombia is safer than ever and a great place to go on vacation. Locals are usually warm and inviting and are very proud of their newfound tourism industry that has flourished over the past few years.

Before traveling to Colombia, it is important to identify what type of vacation you are looking for. Are you more of the beach resort type, who enjoys relazing and being pampered? If that's the case, you might want to check out some of the resorts in Cartagena, San-Andres, and other locations on the Caribbean coast. Are you looking for more of a shopping/nightlife? Try Bogota or Barranquilla. Do you love coffee? Definitely check out the coffee region. Are you more into adventure and eco-tourism? The opportunites are abundant all over the country but you have to check out Tayrona National Park.

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