Worried About Travelling in a Taxi? Use the Taxi Panic Button App
See what the government is doing to help prevent taxi scams.

Tips for Traveling in Colombia
Review these quick and easy tips before heading to Colombia to help you get adjusted quickly and avoid some beginner's traps.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Colombia
Come find out why tourists from all over the world are picking Colombia as the next travel destination. From beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical rainforests to vibrant and colorful cities. Colombia is quickly shedding it's dangerous and shaky image and becoming an open and welcoming country with an abundance of activities for every type of traveler.

The Best Surfing Beaches in Colombia
Colombia has some excellent surfing locations on both the Pacific and Caribbean side of the country. Although the beaches on the Pacific side tend to be more advanced and harder to reach, there are waves for all experience levels and styles.