Worried About Travelling in a Taxi? Use the Taxi Panic Button App.

While things have improved a lot for tourists in Colombia, there is no doubt that there is still crime in urban areas as there are in many tourist destinations around the world.

In Colombia, We've all heard the stories about taxi scams. It usually sounds something like this:

"A person hails a taxi on the street, the taxi then stops unexpectedly where 2 strangers get in with guns and steal all your belongings. Then they drive to an atm and force you to take out all your money.

This scam has been named the "Millionaire Ride".

While this is rare, it does happen. Especially in Bogota where there are about 70,000 taxis and the only criteria to become a taxi driver is to have a drivers licence. There are no background checks on taxi drivers and they do not have to buy their taxis.

The good news is that these scams usually target rich looking Colombian businessmen. If you are a young tourist, you will probably not look enticing to one of these scam artists.

The other good news is that the Colombian government recognizes the problem and is taking measures to prevent these scams and make the country more safe for tourists. One of the measures are phone apps that  help hail a safe taxi and include a "panic" button a passenger can press to alert the authorities if there in an issue.

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