Bogota, The Capitol City of Colombia

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Bogota from the sky
Aerial view of Bogota
Bogota is the capitol city of Colombia, and boasts both titles as the largest city in the country, as well as one of the thirty largest cities in the world. It is located centrally within the interior of the country, high atop the western side of the Bogota Savannah. Since it sits over 8,000 feet above sea level, this capitol city is actually quite different from many other metropolitan areas in its tropical country. The weather can often be quite cool, with the average temperature only 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and weather extremes such as snow and hail are not uncommon despite its proximity to the equator. The population of Bogota currently thrives well above 8 million, and although over 99% of the inhabitants enjoy modern luxuries such as electricity, easily a third are still living well below the poverty line. This is because for all of the progressive advances which Bogota has recently successfully undertaken to combat crime, public health issues, widespread poverty, infrastructure failures, and governmental corruption, the lower class continue to struggle under gentrification as the city continues to expand at a rapid rate.

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Despite its problems, which are common in most metropolitan areas around the world, Bogota continues to strive to become a truly reputable metropolitan hub, and a wonderful place to visit. The multitude of universities and libraries have earned it the nickname “The Athens of South America,” as it contains more universities than Boston, more art galleries than Paris or New York, and over 100 theaters and over 70 museums.  Indeed, students from thousands of miles around flock to take advantage of the impressive graduate school system. Bogota additionally stands as the only city in the world to earn the prestigious Cultural Capitol of Ibero-America award twice, and there is no mystery why, as the cultural offerings of this great city are truly inspirational. With over 70 museums, 100 stage theatres, 75 sports venues, and 150 national monuments, the rich cultural diversity of the local populace is always on display for the appreciation of everyone, locals and visitors alike.

La Candelaria Neighborhood
La Candelaria Neighborhood
Tourists may visit Bogota for a year and still not want for fascinating and fun activities to explore. Some popular attractions include the Monserrate Sanctuary, a beautiful sanctuary which sits high above the city, and offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the city. Additionally, the Maloka Museum, most of which is housed within a geodesic dome, is dedicated to the exploration of science, and features regularly updated exhibits on all subjects, from robotics to the human body. Local shopping is plentiful, as the city features dozens of enormous shopping plazas and malls, including Atlantis Plaza, Centro Mayor, and Centro Andino. All of these establishments feature world-class products from global producers, such as Louis Vuitton, Swatch, Ralph Lauren, and Apple. Finally, the Colon Theatre, a national monument built in 1885, displays some of the most beautiful and ornate period architecture in the country. This theater regularly shows world-class productions from all over the world, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest sources of cultural purity and pride for locals.