What to do in Bogota

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What to do in Bogota:

For the traveler passing through with only a few days to visit, a number of attractions should not be missed. Here is a list of what to do in Bogota:

La Candelaria - Also known as Old Bogota, this lively sector of the city is a major cultural hub and is known as the histroical district of the city. Small shops, ancient churches, museums, plazas, parks, and nightlife make this neighborhood one of the most interesting places to visit. Many of the attractions listed below are located in the Candelaria neighborhood.

Monserrate Sanctuary - Go on a hike or take the short cable car (Teleferico) from the Candelaria neighborhood to the top of the Monserrate mountain and get rewarded with an incredible panoramic view of Bogota. On the top of the mountain, there is a beautiful monestary and some nice restaurants up there that take advantage of the breathtaking vistas. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Bogota and is not to be missed. Cable Car located in Candelaria Neighborhood.

Bolivar Square
Bolivar Square
Bolívar Square
- (Plaza de Bolívar)  is the histrocial center of the city where you will find many attractions like the Palace of Justice, City Hall, Congress, the National Capitol, the Cathedral,  and a large statue of political leader Simón Bolívar sculpted in 1846. Candelaria Neighborhood.

Museo de Bogota - A museum dedicated to the memory of planning and public works. Candelaria Neighborhood.

Museo del Oro - (Gold Museum) This museum has over 34,000 pieces of gold and numerous relics from past cultures. This is the most important collection of its kind in the world. Candelaria Neighborhood.

Botero Museum - Multiple pieces of the well known Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Candelaria Neighborhood.

Police Museum - (Museo Historico de la Policia National) A large museum with information and illustrations of Colombia's large police force. From the police that patrol the jungles to the police dogs that protect the borders, this museum represents them all with detailed accounts of previous conquests and many interesting collections like a room full of seized weapons dating back centuries. You can get a free tour with a guide just by showing up. Candelaria Neighborhood.

Museo Militar - (Military Museum) A museum and exhibit dedicated to the Colombian army, navy, and air force. Learn about the history and procedures of this large military force through model displays, pictures, historical documents, and real arms and uniforms. Candelaria Neighborhood.

Palacio de Narino - This palace is a national monument, and one of the most exquisite architectural wonders of the city.

Modern Art Museum - A collection of contemporary art pieces from artists from Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

Plaza de Toros de Santamaria - (Bullfighting Ring) Come watch an exciting and historic bullfight during the season which takes place at the end of the year. There is also a museum there showing some of the finest moments of the rings history.

International Emerald Museum - A fascinating exhibit showing many different emeralds and showcasing how they are removed.

Bogota’s Ciclovia - A Sunday and holiday tradition, each week the city shuts down many avenues and streets to cars, and opens them to bicycle and skate travel. Travelers report that this is the best way to see Bogota and meet Bogotanos, without the encumbrance of automobiles and pollution.

Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis - Colombia's biggest botanical garden. The garden showcases plants from every Colombian region, altitude, and climate. The garden also contains the biggest aquatic Amazonian flower and the Palma de cera, the Colombian national tree.

La Quinta de Bolivar - Simon Bolivar lived in this house which is now turned into a museum. There are English tours here weekly.

Planetarium - A dome building with astronomy, scientific and cultural exhibits.

Maloka - (Science and Technology Center) A science exhibit which showcases life, biodiversity, the city, the universe, technology, and humans.

Usaquen - a colonial landmark where brunch and flea market on Sundays is a traditional activity.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira - This marvel of human engineering is located 45 minutes outside of Bogota and is a salt mine with a breathtaking cathedral built inside. There are various catholic symbols and religious landmarks built into the walls and caves of this large mine and ceremonies and weddings are held in the large cathedral that can hold hundreds of people. Fascinating LED lights really bring out the colors and  give a dazzling display of religion meeting art and science. There also is a miners tour where they take you deeper into the mine and show you how the salt miners operate. You can spend the whole day at this attraction as you could be exploring for hours. Afterwards, spend some time in the city of Zipaquira. This quaint town has some great restaurants and pubs to help finish off the day.

The city has numerous green parks and amusement parks like Salitre Magico or Mundo Aventura.