Golf and Golf Courses

It is no surprise that Colombia has become a world renowned golf destination. The mixture and combination of various terrains, beautiful weather, and exotic landscapes make for some of the best golf courses you can find in South America or even the world.

The Colombians take golf very seriously. As the country has opened up to tourists and visitors, the golf clubs and courses have opened their gates to welcome the travelling businessmen or sport enthusiasts. While most country clubs require membership to use their facilities, most of them are more than welcoming to allow tourists or travelling businessmen the opportunity to play or practice on their beautiful grounds.

And we can't mention golf without mentioning the beautiful country clubs that hold and maintain the greens. Let's just say that there is a lot more to do than golf. Most of these clubs are grand complexes housing everything a traveller could want or need. Amazing restaurants with delicious cuisine both foreign and local. Relaxing and rejuvenating spas, friendly people and staff, and amazing opportunities for other sports such as tennis, futbol (soccer), squash, hiking, and horseback riding. For more information on luxury tours, visit our Luxury Vacations page.

At the center of it all is Bogota. The capital city of Colombia and also the main hub for golf in the Country. In Bogotá alone, there are over 25 golf courses. The weather maintains approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times so the player can play or practice throughout the entire year. The quality of courses, the maintenance of the greens, and the sheer beauty and originality make these courses some of the best in the world. But don't let the beauty and elevation deceive you. These courses are not easy. The balls weigh more at this attitude (8500 feet above sea level) and most courses are designed to be challenging.

Other notable cities with great golf include Cali, which is known for it's unique and famous designs. Medellin, which is similar to Bogotá in weather and challenge of the course. The Ruitoque golf course in Santander was designed by Golf legend Jack Nicklaus himself. The coffee region, lovated in the middle of the country, has some amazing clubs and golf courses surrounded by lush, exotic landscapes and the best coffee plantations in the world.

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