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Medellin Accomodations
September 4, 2011

I'm trying to find a hotel for only one night in a safe neighborhood that is close to the airport with hopefully some nightlife. I plan on catching a bus to Nuqui in the morning. Trying not to spend too much money on a taxi.

bertandrews Reply
Sep.4.2011 2:52 PM

I meant plane to Nuqui not bus.
bertandrews Reply
Sep.10.2011 2:57 PM

Try Hotel Estelar Blue 1-866-599-6674. I think they have a&nbsp; free shuttle to the airport.<span id="TH_TS2"><span style="color: #cc6600; font-weight: bold;"></span></span>
Ron Reply
Jun.18.2013 4:34 PM

I stayed at Arcadia hostel. You can rent the very large private room for the same price as a hotel. It's centrally located off parque lleras. The greek guy who runs it is committed to having fun and will take you out.
Jorge Reply