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Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin
May 22, 2012

I took the Pable Escobar tour in Medellin in May of 2012. I paid 55,000 pesos (approx $30 USD). I booked it through the hotel I was staying in.

The tour was OK. I definitely don't think it was worth 55,000 pesos. That is a lot for Colombian standards. The advertisements say that they will bring you to Pablo's former headquarters, his grave, the place where he got shot, and to his brothers house "Roberto" where there is a small museum and you can talk to Roberto and ask him questions.

The only thing I didn't like is that they don't take you to the place where he got shot. They say that you can't go there anymore because it's privately owned. That really sucks because I thought that was one of the highlights of the tour.

Whatever. The headquarters is an abandoned building that was apparently blown up with a car bomb and the grave is pretty cool. The museum with Roberto is cool. They have some real interesting things there. I won't spoil it. Roberto is real nice and it's kind of weird to be in that setting

Overall, the tour was informative but didn't really teach me anything I didn't know. I didn't like how they put on the 2 escobars documentary while we were driving because i've seen it 300 times. I would've preferred a city tour or some new insight into Pablo.

I recommend taking the tour but see if you can get it for more like $35,000 or $25,000. $55,000 is just way too much.

Ryan 0
Street Vendors in Cartagena
May 19, 2012

Wow, the street vendors in Cartagena are annoying as sh**. They are worse in the more touristy areas especially around Bocagrande (by the beach) and in other areas where tourists frequent. They walk right up to you, one after another and they're all selling the same crappy stuff.

Usually a simple "no gracias" will work but for some of them, it's simpy not enough. Here are some tips:

BTW - I'm talking about the vendors that walk up to you, the ones in the shops and stores are much more pleasant.

Unless you are thoroughly interested in purchasing something, don't give them any time of day, don't answer questions like "where u from", and don't under any circumstances, hold or grab anything they hand you. They won't take it back. When they walk up to you, simply glance at them and say "No Gracias" and walk away. If they don't leave you alone, just totally ignore them and keep walking. You might think it's rude to ignore someone, but I think it's rude to harass someone you don't know on the street.

Freddy 0
Does the Colombian Hooker CIA Scandal Hurt Tourism
April 20, 2012

Although it is a crazy story, I don't think it necessarily hurts Colombia as a tourist spot. It definitely shows Cartagena as a party town which is one of its appeals like Miami. Sex tourism is a big thing in Colombia but people must also realize that there is a lot more to offer.

Freddy 4
Bus from Bogota to Medellin
March 19, 2012

What is the quickest and safest option for bus travel between Bogota and Medellin? Please provide companies. Is it dangerous to travel by bus?

benjamin 3
Water Quality Is it safe?
November 15, 2011

Is the tap water ok to drink? What about ice and fresh fruit? I don't want to spend my vacation sick.

leon 2
Medellin Accomodations
September 4, 2011

I'm trying to find a hotel for only one night in a safe neighborhood that is close to the airport with hopefully some nightlife. I plan on catching a bus to Nuqui in the morning. Trying not to spend too much money on a taxi.

bertandrews 3
Will my 3G AT&T Plan work in Colombia
October 28, 2011

I'll be going there in February.

conradtwitty 2
Wedding in Coffee Region
September 1, 2011

My husband and I are looking to have a destination wedding in November of 2012. We're looking at various options but the coffee region caught my eye. Do they do weddings for groups of 50+ there? If so, what are some places we should check out.

jamieUSA 1
Decent surfing spot in barranqulla
October 6, 2011

Is there a decent surfing spot in Colombia withoput all the tourists and pickpockets? My friend I'm staying with gave me his crappy board and I'm trying to catch some decent waves without on an uncrowded beach. thanks

brah64 1
Zip Line
February 15, 2011

I'm currently in Bogota, looking to take the kids on a zip line. Does anyone know one that is reasonably priced and safe for kids,

Roger 1

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