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Street Vendors in Cartagena
May 19, 2012

Wow, the street vendors in Cartagena are annoying as sh**. They are worse in the more touristy areas especially around Bocagrande (by the beach) and in other areas where tourists frequent. They walk right up to you, one after another and they're all selling the same crappy stuff.

Usually a simple "no gracias" will work but for some of them, it's simpy not enough. Here are some tips:

BTW - I'm talking about the vendors that walk up to you, the ones in the shops and stores are much more pleasant.

Unless you are thoroughly interested in purchasing something, don't give them any time of day, don't answer questions like "where u from", and don't under any circumstances, hold or grab anything they hand you. They won't take it back. When they walk up to you, simply glance at them and say "No Gracias" and walk away. If they don't leave you alone, just totally ignore them and keep walking. You might think it's rude to ignore someone, but I think it's rude to harass someone you don't know on the street.

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